Sellers Spotlight #3: Gareth Lloyd Art

Welcome to the next edition of Sellers Spotlight! In this third edition we asked Gareth Lloyd from Gareth lloyd Art how he started his art, his Etsy shop and what his creative process is. We hope enjoy to get to know Gareth, and don’t forget to have look at his Etsy shop and other social media channels.

NAME: Gareth Lloyd


ETSY SHOP: Gareth Lloyd Art


TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: I am a wildlife and botanical artist based in Oxford, but I am originally from Northampton. My work is led by my love of the natural world and our connection with it. I have always adored animals, and it is my hope that my drawings and paintings inspire others to see the joy that lies within the flora and fauna of this weird and wonderful planet. I predominantly work in pencil and paint, with some of my drawings occasionally being mistaken for photographs. I have always drawn for as long as I can remember, but my passion truly flourished whilst serving in the armed forces, and I owe many thanks to my peers at the time for encouraging me to follow my artistic goals.


HOW DID YOU GET STARTED ON ETSY: I discovered Etsy some years ago, and as I am sure is a common story, I set up a shop and did nothing with it for some time. Whether it was fear of not achieving any sales or just generally not feeling good enough, something stopped me adding any products for almost 3 years! If I could go back and tell my younger self to just do it, I would! Not only has Etsy been a great avenue for sales and exposure, it has also led me to some great friendships and a wonderful bunch of super talented people too!


TELL US ABOUT YOUR DESIGN/MAKING PROCESS: My process usually starts with how I am feeling. A lot of the time my artwork is inspired by my emotions and thoughts. For me drawing and painting is extremely meditative, I leave all my baggage on the canvas. Detail is key for me, I like to push for realism and I really enjoy the process. I also try to be as eco friendly as possible within my work, as well as my packaging, which is now totally plastic free.


WHAT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF IN RUNNING YOUR OWN BUSINESS?: For me, there is a little pride nugget in every sale I make. Running a business isn’t easy at all, I especially struggle with the day to day stuff like accounting and finances, so finding the courage to tackle those hurdles also makes me feel proud. My advice to anyone would be don’t be afraid to make mistakes!


WHEN AND WHY DID YOU JOIN OUR OXFORD ETSY TEAM?: I joined the Oxford Etsy team about a year ago, having a team behind you and knowing they are there to call on if you’re stuck is a great feeling. Everyone is so helpful and encouraging and always willing to offer advice and knowledge.


A SHORT SHOUT-OUT TO A FELLOW OXFORDSHIRE BUSINESS: For me a stand out seller is Jjillustrates, her positive attitude on instagram is infectious and her products are always made with passion and skill. She is also a fantastic designer and actually made my shop logo for me!

More ways to find more about Gareth Lloyd Art:

FACEBOOK: gareth lloyd art

INSTAGRAM: @garethlloydart



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