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Useful Info for Team Members

On this page we have put together a list of some of the things our members most commonly ask about.

Have you joined the Team?

You can join the Oxford Etsy Team on Facebook by requesting to join the team group page. This is the link (make sure you fill in ll the questions otherwise your request to join will not be accepted):

Have you followed us on Social Media?

Make sure you follow all of our social media accounts we have, twitter, facebook, instagram and . This will help you keep up to date with any projects we have on. You can also tag us in your posts so we can help to promote your business.


Use the hashtag 'oxfordetsy' to help us to find you.

Are you an official member?

You can officially join the team by signing up to be a member by paying the joining fee. You can use the ‘official member’ badge on your website.

Oxford Etsy Team Joining Fee

The joining fee allows us to continue to run & grow the Oxford Etsy Team. By signing up it helps towards, promotion & advertising, social media, and running the website. It is a one off joining fee of £12. Make sure you fill in the box below with your Etsy shop link so we can add you to the directory. Once you are an official member you can use the logo below on your own website which you can link back to (this will help with your SEO)
Right click and save this image and place it on your website- make sure you add the website link to the image
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Follow your fellow team members on Etsy

Its very helpful to your team and also to your own shop if you follow each others Etsy Shops and favorite products in their shops. It is likely they they will reciprocate this which all helps towards increasing your Etsy sales. You could also help by following their social media accounts.

Application Forms:

All the details for each event are listed in the application forms;
Etsy Made Local [TBD]

Public Liability Insurance

To take part in events most will require you to have public liability insurance for your business. This is a requirement for all of our markets and also for selling in our shops. This website explains the purpose of the insurance and provides some helpful links to places to purchase craft insurance.

Registering your Business & Tax

If you have set up a business and intend to make a profit from your business you will need to register as self-employed and fill in a self assessment. You will need to keep a record of all your money coming in and all of your money coming out, including all receipts - these receipts need to be kept for 5 years. We recommend setting up a separate bank account for your business instead of using your personal bank account (an additional account can be set up in your own name (with no cost) but there are also paid business accounts if you wanted to have the account in your business name. There is more information available on this website about the best deal for business accounts: )

Here is the link to set up as self employed, tax bills are paid in one lump sum at the end of the year, we recommend setting aside an amount each month for tax (you could do this with a savings account)

A more comprehensive guide to accounting and small business financing can be found here:

Local Markets:
Gloucester Green Market, Oxford
North Parade Market, Oxford
Bitten Street Market, Oxford
Oxfordshire Makers Market, Witney
Abingdon Local Excellence Market, Abingdon
Shops to Stock in:
Oxford Etsy Pop Up Shop, Didcot
Shop at the OFS, Oxford
Feather & Nest, Wallingford
Other Sites to sell on
We think its best not to have all your eggs in one basket. Even though we are a massive supporter of we advise all our team members to also register with other online shop or have a shop section on your own website (such as shoplify). This will help to grow your business and make sure you have multiple sources of income rather than relying on one platform. Dawanda, a very popular German equivalent to Etsy closed down so always be prepared for changes in the craft world!
Amazon UK & Europe
Amazon Handmade UK
Not on the High Street
Nu Monday
And So To Shop…
Amazon Handmade USA
Amazon USA

Ideas for Market displays

Displaying your items is an important part to getting sales. We have put together a Pinterest board of some of our favorite market displays to help give you inspiration. We think one of the most important things to follow is adding height and different levels to your table. Clean and minimal/simple displays work well so that you can focus on the products on sale. Decorative items such a flowers & plants can enhance the look of your stall along with props that re in keeping with your theme/style. Make sure you have strong branding across your stall with banners & packaging so that you are memorable, business cards for people to take away with them are a must!

Meet Other Sellers

We strongly encourage our members to make contact with other sellers & team members in their area. Having your own business and working from home can be quite isolating at times. We have benefited hugely from organising get togethers with the members in our town and arranging evening meals, daytime coffee catch ups, making sessions, skill sharing sessions. It helps keep you motivated and inspired as well as getting advice and tips from others doing exactly what you are doing. Ask in our private Facebook group who lives near by and have a mini meet up!

Increasing your Etsy Sales

Unfortunately there is no magic answer to this, its a combination of lots of different things that will increase sales. Christina Made It (Oxford Etsy Team Captain) offers workshops throughout the year for beginners and intermediate sellers to help answer some of the questions you have about growing your business. This is a breakdown of what is covered in the sessions, you can send a message to find out when the next one will be running:

Becka Griffin from the Merseyside Etsy Team runs online critiques & downloadable guides to help find out where you can improve and what changes may need to be made. The guides are available from her Etsy shop here:

Support your Team members

We are all part of a team and that means we support each other. You will find in the group that some sellers may have a similar business to yourself. Work together rather than compete with each other, you will be much more successful if you help one another. Please take the time to click on all of your fellow team members Etsy shops and favourite them. If each member did this, that's 250 favourites which will help a shop hugely. From their shop you can also follow their social media accounts and I'm sure they will return the favour!