Refill Station

We’ve teamed up with Wast0, an Oxfordshire based eco products and refill business based in Witney.

Our opening hours are:

Monday-Saturday 10am - 5pm

Sunday 10am - 4pm

Please find below a list of our current refill prices.

Dried Food Refills (price per kg):

Arborio Risotto Rice: £4/kg

Banana Chips: £12/kg

Basmati Brown Rice: £5/kg

Brown Chocolate Drops: £8/kg

Cashew Nuts: £25/kg

Caster Sugar: £2.50/kg

Chickpeas: £4.20/kg

Chocolate Flavour Peanuts: £8/kg

Chocolate Flavour Raisins: £8/kg

Dried Apricots: £11/kg

Granulated Sugar: £1.80/kg

Green Lentils: £3.50/kg

Hulled Sunflower Seeds: £11/kg

Italian Farfalle Pasta: £4/kg

Italian Fusilli Pasta: £4/kg

Italian Penne Pasta: £4/kg

Italian Macaroni: £4kg

Italian Tricolore Fusilli Pasta: £4/kg

Muesli Exotic Delight: £6/kg

Oat Porridge Flakes: £3.50/kg

Organic Nut Mix: £38/kg

Omega Seed Mix: £12/kg

Organic Wholemeal Fusilli: £5.50/kg

Organic Wholemeal Penne: £5.50/kg

Pink Hearts Strawberry Chocolate: £8/kg

Popcorn: £4/kg

Pumpkin Seeds: £11/kg

Red Split Lentils: £3.80/kg

Seaweed Peanut Crackers: £19/kg

Sweet Whole Almonds: £15/kg

Basmati White Rice: £6/kg

Turkish Saltanas: £5/kg

White Chocolate Drops: £8/kg

White Long Grain Rice: £3/kg

Pecans: £30/kg

Light Brown Soft Sugar: £4.50/kg

Ground Almonds: £22/kg

Olive Oil: £12/litre

Organic Sunflower Oil: £6/litre

Plain Flour: £1.70/kg

Self Raising Flour: £2/kg

Turkish Delight: £16/kg

Cleaning & Body Care Liquid Refills (per 500ml unless otherwise stated):

Washing Up Liquid: £2.00

White Vinegar: £2.00

Glass Cleaner: £2.00

Fabric Conditioner: £2.00

Bio/Non Bio Laundry Liquid: £3.00

Delicate Laundry Liquid: £5.00

All Purpose Cleaner: £2.50

Toilet Cleaner: £2.50

Rinse Aid: £2.50

Hand Soap: £4.00

Body Wash/Shampoo/Conditioner - Eden/Faith in Nature £5.00, SESI £8.00

Hand Sanitiser: £10.00

Bicarbonate of Soda: £4/kg

Dishwasher Salt: £4/kg

Laundry Powder: £8/kg

Dishwasher Detergent: £8/kg

We want to help our customers reduce the packaging they use for their weekly shop. The refill station allows customers to refill using their own bottles and containers. We stock a huge range of eco & sustainable products as well as refills. This includes home cleaning, body care and food.




Sustainable Products

Toilet Roll

Kitchen Roll



Bees Wax Wraps

Wooden Pegs

Metal Straws

Razor & Razor Blades (18+)

Nappies - reusable

Period Pants (leak proof underwear)

Sanitary Products

Colouring Pencils

Glue (18+)

Shampoo bars

Soap Bars


Chewing Gum - plastic free & vegan

Face masks

Dog Shampoo

Pan Brush

Hair Brush

 Stain remover bars



If you require any help in store of have any questions about the products please do not hesitate to ask, we are always happy to help.